If you've got kids who love dinosaurs, you're going to love this amazing show coming to Maine. What makes kids obsessed with these beasts that roamed the earth 230 million years ago?

According to an article from The Cut, scientists call the obsession with dinosaurs an "intense interest."

 Researchers don’t know exactly what sparks them — the majority of parents can’t pinpoint the moment or event that kicked off their kids’ interest — but almost a third of all children have one at some point, typically between the ages of 2 and 6 (though for some the interest lasts further into childhood). And while studies have shown that the most common intense interest is vehicles — planes, trains, and cars — the next most popular, by a wide margin, is dinosaurs.

It's that fascination with dinosaurs that inspired the creation of "Jurassic Quest", a show that travels nationwide. This performance goes all-in with an experience that will bring awe to every kid's eyes.

Jurassic Quest has life-size dinosaurs (including a T-Rex), but unlike the ones in Jurassic Park, these ones are friendly. You can get up close to them, ride on their backs, meet baby dinosaurs, dig for prehistoric fossils, and a whole lot more that the kids will love.

Jurassic Quest is coming to Portland and Bangor in August. They'll be at Bangor's Cross Insurance Center August 16-18, and at Portland's Cross Insurance Arena August 23-35. Tickets will go fast, so grab yours now at JurassicQuest.com, before it's too late.

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