New to Portland, I'm currently squatting at a friend's house and scoping out places to live on the peninsula. I typically start out my apartment searches by filling out some filters like includes image, price <$1500, 1-bedroom+, and I go from there.

I always get an eclectic mix of small new condos, older three-story walk-ups that have seen better days, and quirky places that I love, but that don't allow dogs over 15 pounds (no go). This morning, I came across an entirely new option on Craigslist homes.

"Live Aboard A Sailboat," the title beckons. "Must be hardy/handy."

At $600/month, dog friendly, and an excellent commute to work, I must say the option of living in the Old Port was initially appealing. I especially wanted to prove myself to be hardy and handy, as that's too seldom asked of us these days. I've always been intrigued by the notion of living in a tiny house, and coming home to a sailboat probably isn't much different. I read on:


Ready to rough it for the hardy/handy. Take care of a lovely C&C35 sailboat. Bath house ashore, awesome location with parking. Walk to all the FUN places in the Old Port. Available till 4/15.

Seems like they've got it all figured out, if that's your jam. Honestly, the "Available UNTIL 4/15" held me up a bit. If I'm ever going to rough it on a sailboat in the Portland harbor, I think it has to be between the months of May and September. You know, when there aren't ice chunks floating alongside your abode.

Alas, this gig is not for me. But if you know someone with a bit of boat knowledge and a load of bravery, pitch these alternative living conditions to them!

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