First O-Town brought me back to the Liquid Dreams of my pre-teen years and now Aaron Carter will take the stage at Asylum in Portland to show us all how he beat Shaq.

Aaron Carter with My Silent Bravery

Saturday February 20th | 7:30pm Doors | 8:30pm Show | All Ages

I saw Aaron Carter in concert several years ago when he performed at the former Memory Lane Music Hall in Standish. It was a wild night filled with throwback tunes, plenty of boy band-era choreography, hormone filled serenades, and tons of new music, too.

The youngest male solo artist to have four Top 40 singles, pop sensation Aaron Carter began his career in show biz at the tender age of seven. Over the next five years he made a name for himself as an energetic and charismatic performer, both onstage and on albums such as his 1998 self-titled debut and the following year’s Surfin’ USA, both of which were successful in Japan and Germany as well as in the States.

- Aaron Carter via Facebook