Summer is here and who hasn't jumped off a bridge into the cool water below? Well if you're thinking of doing that on a bridge in Yarmouth, police are warning you to think again.

Pan Am Railways has a rail trestle that carries their tracks over the Royal River in Yarmouth. This area is posted as private property and no trespassing is allowed, but people are still walking down the tracks to the trestle. The railroad has their own police department, but they can't be everywhere at once, so they've asked Yarmouth Police to enforce the law.

All railroad tracks are private property and you commit a criminal offense by trespassing on them. Not only that, this rail line is used by the Amtrak Downeaster to travel to and from Brunswick and reaches speeds of over 65MPH over this trestle making it an extremely dangerous place to be.

Be safe and don't break the law. Stay off the tracks.

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