There are plenty of unique places where people take yoga classes. On a mountain top at sunrise, near a pristine lake and even in the jungle. But we're in Maine and most of us aren't going to travel around the world for yoga at these exotic locations. However, that doesn't mean there isn't a unique class in our neck of the woods.

Funky Bow Brewery and Beer Company in Lyman is hosting a "Yoga at the Brewery" event. If you aren't familiar with Funky Bow, you're missing out on a unique experience, yoga or not.

Opened in 2013 by father and son team Paul and Abraham Lorrain, Funky Bow is a unique experience, mostly because of the humor these two bring to the place. As they say, "Nothing at Funky Bow is plain and/or normal," and that's what makes it a fun experience.

Adding to that is "Yoga at the Brewery" on Sunday, April 15 at 11 a.m. at Funky Bow, 21 Ledgewood Lane in Lyman. Sure, you could travel to the Indian Ocean to take a yoga class underwater, but will you get beer afterwards. Likely not, and certainly not a beer with clever names like "So Folkin' Hoppy" and "Pluck It!"

Cost of the class is $15 which includes your first beer. Win-win! Masks are required of course and bring your own mat. All the details can be found in the Facebook event on Funky Bow's page. Oh you want a link? Fine. Tap below. Or click if you're looking at this on your computer instead of working like you should be.

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