WABI-TV 5 featured a Searsport man who had such a find that it's hard not to have a chuckle.

Mike Light was walking along the oceanside in Searsport when he came across a bottle in the water close to the beach.  He went down to retrieve the bottle, noticed a piece of paper inside the bottle and picked it up to discover the treasure that may have been put inside.

Could it be a long lost treasure map to finding the lost city of Atlantis?  Or maybe a child's science experiment to see how far their bottle would travel in the mighty Atlantic and meet up with some random stranger from far away?

All these questions would run through my mind but the reality of what Light came across shows the absurdity of marketing nowadays.

What Light came across was much less mysterious but still quite incredible.

It was a message stating "We've been trying to contact you about your car's extended warranty."

Even if you came across this it would still be some sort of treasure to behold, a commentary on the absurdity of Americans' robocalling woes.  It's not for certain who sent this message into the Atlantic Ocean to be found by a man in Searsport but, what is certain is that this joke of a message could sure give anyone a giggle if you've had the aggravation of hounding telemarketers.

But, then again, who's to say it's not a legit telemarketer- just using new (or, rather, old school but, new to us) marketing techniques.  It could be a new technique that you could get behind because at least you wouldn't have to hang up on someone, again (and again, and again, and again.....)

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