I had heard that they will pretty much allow anything, but I personally had never seen a dirty one - until now.




Oh my...um, so...I think it's one of the only vanity plates I actually get!

What can go on plates all changed in 2015 when BQQBS was rejected, and someone asked why...

According to an article last year from NewsCenter they wrote:

"What we suddenly noticed was the cracking around our feet from the thin ice that we were on with the constitution," says Secretary of State Matt Dunlap.

That prompted Dunlap to speak with Maine lawyers and legislators about what his office was rejecting, and what he could reasonably defend in court. The consensus? Reject the plates that encourage violence, or carry hate speech, such as racial slurs. Profanity and words that are considered vulgar are a go.

Well, good for Maine. So...what have YOU seen?



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