Over the past few years, pollution in Biddeford Pool has increased to the point of shutting down clam digging for a short period at the end of summer. It's been a nuisance for sure, but this year the inconvenience is becoming downright troublesome - mysterious contamination have worsened the water quality to the point of shutting down shellfish digging for an unprecedented three months, according to the Press Herald.

The hiatus from digging is putting a cramps on a lot of people's income, reports the Herald. According to city records, there currently are 10 commercial diggers and 182 recreational diggers licensed to harvest shellfish in Biddeford Pool, meaning that most of those people need to depend on other sources of income to pay their bills and support their families.

Where's the bacterial pollution coming from? Well, it's unclear.

The city of Biddeford Pool, Department of Marine Resources, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection met recently to discuss advanced testing that should determine whether the fecal contamination is coming from humans or animals, according to the newspaper.

Last year, the city took action by removing a gaggle of geese from the area after they contributed to pollution of the water, the Press Herald added.

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