ice fishing

If you've ever wanted to try ice fishing but didn't want to pay the license fees until you were sure you liked the sport, this weekend is your chance.

Your chance to experience the thrill of cutting a hole in the ice with an auger, setting up your ice fishing gear, and then just kind of sitting there and waiting for a fish to swim along and bite your baited hook while you fight of the cold chill as you just kind of sit there, by your ice holes then this weekend is for you!

I tried ice fishing a long time ago when I was much younger. My family was vacationing in Michigan with my Mothers side of the family. One day my Uncle asked if I wanted to go ice fishing, I said yes. It was fun, but cold! Maybe I wasn't dressed correctly for the excursion or something, but I do remember catching 5 or 6 fish that day. My Uncle said where I had decided to make holes in the ice must have been a "sweet spot." Great memories that have lasted all my life so I say, yes, take your kids ice fishing while it's free! Just dress warm.

This weekend anyone can ice fish without a license on Maine waterways, except those with suspended or revoked licenses. All other state rules and regulations, including bag and possession limits, apply.


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