Since Maine restaurants had to adjust business from in-house dining to solely focusing on delivery and takeout, we as consumers have been able to enjoy our favorite beer and wine.

But, there was one item that had been in a grey area: cocktails.


As of Monday, April 27th, The State Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages clarified the guidelines. There are however specific guidelines that must be met as outlined by News Center Maine.

As the consumer, all you really need to know is that you can only order a cocktail along with a food order. And be 21+, obviously.

Cocktails drinks on bar

As far as the establishments, they have more rules to follow such as no more than 4.5oz of spirits per container and the cocktails need to be in a tamper-evident container. Full guidelines and details can be found here.

Is there a cocktail you've been missing since the shut-down? Let us know via the app! (We're thirsty and looking for ideas!)

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