Sometimes you enter a building and you can feel the memories and the history. Simply by looking through the photos of the listing for 41 Andrews Road in Woodstock from Julia Young at Sunday River Real Estate, you can tell the old Andrews Mill Casket Factory has some stories.

The founder of Andrews Casket Company and Funeral Home, Isaac Andrews, has long passed away but his great-great-great-grandson, Gordon C. Stewart shared stories of the company in his blog. Isaac was a minister but the small town didn't have a carpenter so he took on that role as well. He built the caskets and preached as those in the community were laid to rest in the very caskets he built.

Stewart also shared family stories of his mother and her siblings playing in the casket room.

The home had been in the family for over 200 years but was sold "to some whippersnapper who just wanted to make a buck."

The property is now on the market and while the building appears to need a lot of work, it's undeniable that there's an incredible history in the walls. Some adorned with news articles and documents from decades ago when the mill was still in operation. There's a plethora of old mill and woodworking equipment still in the building including caskets. It's almost like stepping into a museum. The real estate listing even notes that it was once used as the town's post office.

The property sits on a 2.7-acre lot and offers opportunities for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Take a look through the listing that includes the surrounding property that looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie, and the home and mill that, in some photos, looks frozen in a simpler time.

41 Andrews Road, Woodstock, ME 04219

Interested? Contact Julia Young at Sunday River Real Estate.

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