You never forget your first time.

Mine was on a warm summer afternoon, outside near the water, with a little horseradish and cocktail sauce… I’m talking about the first time I tried a raw oyster.

I wasn't new to seafood or even raw seafood, but I never had the opportunity to try a freshly shucked oyster. To be honest, I didn't know how to eat an oyster. My date was the perfect coach. He showed me how to top it with cocktail sauce and horseradish and then separate the oyster from the shell.


I remember how fast my heart was racing. I didn't think I'd get that nervous to try a new food, but the stakes were a little higher given that it was raw seafood. I calmed down a bit when I reminded myself that I was trying oysters at a place where oysters are in the name.

So I slurped not one, but two oysters in my first sitting. Despite what my face says in the video, I really did love 'em. If you're nervous about trying your first oyster, just do it! They're delicious when fresh and prepared right, and J's Oyster nails both of those criteria.

It's been a year since my first oysters and now every time I go to J's (which is a lot) there are always oysters on the table. 


The whole vibe at J’s Oyster is authentically Maine, with people of all sorts enjoying their cocktails and local beers around the bar, and filling up on a bucket of steamers and managing to save room for the daily specials.

Business suits, lobster fishermen, families, everyone loves J’s. It's right off Commercial Street, so I love walking down from my place, grabbing a drink, and watching them shuck the fresh oysters right in front of me. J’s Oyster is a favorite hangout of mine, so if you see me cozied up to the bar or taking in the waterfront from the patio, come say hello… Between oysters, obviously.

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