A map showing each state's most popular Valentine's Day gift has to be a joke, right? This is what they came up with for Maine? 

Estately.com published this map of popular Valentine's Day gifts in each state, and you can clearly see after looking around the map that there was no scientific research done here and it's purely for giggles. Is this how the rest of the country thinks of Maine?



The map show Maine's popular Valentine's Day gift as '8 hours of continuous bird watching.' Huh? If I was going to make up a popular Maine Valentine's gift for laughs, I'd go a little deeper than that.

How about...

  • A case of Moxie
  • A new set of skidder tires
  • A lifetime subscription to Downeast Magazine
  • A Bob Marley 'Upta Camp' shirt
  • That part you need for the sled
  • Mom's homemade whoopie pies
  • Smelt bait
  • A gift certificate to Big Al's...ROUTE ONE!!!! Wiscasset

Yeah. That's better.

Help us come up with some more Maine Valentine gifts. Let us know your suggestion in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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