Marine Mammals of Maine invite you to a pup shower on May 30th.


It's at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust with light fare and refreshments. Plus MMoME will have a presentation and overview and take any question you might have.

There will be a chance for you to fulfill wish list donations to help stock their seal hospital for the busy pup season. It's just a suggestion,and not a requirement. But when you see these little face, you're gonna want to help.



Annually, MMoME responds to nearly 300 live and dead marine mammals and sea turtles, making it one of the busiest seal stranding areas on the east coast. They have a 24/7 marine mammal and sea turtle reporting hotline. Through this hotline, anyone can report a stranded seal, whale, dolphin, porpoise or sea turtle to an experienced, dedicated and compassionate team ready to respond.

If you can come to the shower and help these sweet little faces...I know that everyone involved would really appreciate it.



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