Zima came out in 1994, and for a limited time...it's back!!! It all starts Monday, but we got a hold of some early!


If you were born in the 90's, you have no clue what Zima is. But if you were of legal drinking age in the 90's...then you either LOVED Zima or HATED it.

I was in the love camp. I adored Zima. A drink that didn't taste like beer and was easy and light going down! And yet...careful, it IS alcohol. I never went anywhere without a 6 pack of Zima.



But Sean, from MillerCoors heard me talking about this, and brought us in a 6 pack early! Well, it's happy hour somewhere in the world...so we tried it!

Thank you, Sean! What a great way to start a Thursday!


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