Nothing is better than fresh bread out of the oven. That's great, but who has time to bake bread on a regular basis? Most of us buy prepackaged sliced bread at the grocery store. So what's the trick to keeping it from going stale?

We go through a lot of bread at home, but every time I open it up, I'm always afraid I might get surprised with a spot of mold. It's the second worst feeling next to finding the milk has spoiled.

According to, there are ways to keep your bagged bread fresh longer. Come to find out, one of those ways is to not do something I have done for years. Don't keep bread in your refrigerator. That accelerates moisture loss, one of the biggest contributors to stale bread. Putting it in the fridge will make your bread go bad faster than usual.

The fridge is a bad idea on the outside too. Hannaford actually says so right on their bread if you take the time to look at it.

The top of the refrigerator is typically warm, and that causes your bread to dry or even create condensation in the bag. That's just a breeding ground for mold.

Experts seem to agree that you should keep your bagged bread on the counter or in a breadbox. Honestly I haven't seen anyone with a breadbox since the 70s. Do they still make these things? Apparently they do.


So the takeaway here is don't put your bagged bread anywhere near your refrigerator, tie it tightly keeping as much air out as possible, and store it on your counter away from heat and moisture. Good luck with that. It sounds easier than it is. We all know when the kids make a sandwich it will be left out with the bag untied.