Look, we love Maine for what it is, right? The summertime activities, scenic fall trips, and people, right? I'll say this, most of the time, we love the people here. Overall (in my opinion), Mainers are good people, which I'll always brag about when I talk about where I live. However, let's not be blind to the fact we're all human, and sometimes, Mainers can be ignorant in public. This morning, I asked our Q97.9 listeners to share the one thing they've seen people do in Maine that disturbs them the most. The responses were overwhelming, so I thought I'd share some here to see if you agree. Here are the top responses to the cringiest things Mainers have been caught doing.

  • Take selfies
  • Vape
  • Talk on speaker phone
  • Dig at their private areas
  • Smokings cigarette
  • Sitting too close to each other
  • Loud music at the beach
  • Spitting
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Not cleaning up after their dog (personally, this one really pisses me off)

Turns out there's a lot of complaints happening here in Maine. Damn, guys! Check out a few more of my favorite responses:

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