In 2012, Mainer Ryan Gavin created a website featuring funny memes about Maine. He called it Maine Memes—kind of a no-brainer there. The site became very popular with Mainers because it featured memes that had everyone thinking "That's so true!"

Posts of new memes these days are sparse, because running a site that becomes this popular takes a lot of work. But every once in a while, new ones trickle in. However, there is a deep library of 1600 memes on the site and the Instagram of MaineVibeMedia, the parent company of Maine Memes.

It all began in 2012 with the first meme to ever be posted on Maine Memes. In 2004, the State of Maine switched exit numbers on I-95 from sequential numbers exits to exits based on mileage. That caused the very well-known Exit 8 for Westbrook to become Exit 48, even though people still to this day will call it Exit 8.

A popular meme at the time was taken from Return of the Jedi, where Admiral Piett tells Darth Vader that their code clearance is "An older code, but it checks out." The line fit the changing of Exit 8 to Exit 48 perfectly.

So let's take a look down memory lane at 10 of some of the best Maine memes that are totally on point.

From the movie The Breakfast Club. Ally Sheddy gets the role of South Portland.

I was that kid who was called ugly in middle school, and coincidentally, Cumberland Farms was right up the street from that school. The ugly one, not the pretty one.

Ah, the Auburn Mall. Just a shadow of its former self, but still hanging in there.

The 103-year-old lobster lady must have Jedi powers, not only for using the Force to bring in the lobsters, but also for being able to do this at 103!

This kind of makes sense, since Maine's actual flower is the pine cone. A traffic cone is a different breed but deserves the title.

This meme with the cat never gets old, especially when the argument is over how to pronounce Biddeford.

Pat isn't wrong.

Dear Apple. Please give us an option to change Siri's voice to an old Maine fisherman.

Truth! Maine has had two license plates with lobsters on them and both were red and dead.

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

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