We sure do love our seafood in New England.

Living near the coast makes us spoiled with truly fresh seafood everywhere we go, making those who live inland very jealous.  Sure, they "fly in" fresh fish into Kansas and Tennessee, but it's not fresh off the boat and into the recipe as we experience here in New England.

In fact, New England is synonymous with the freshest seafood.

Sushi is one of those food groups you either love, or think you hate.  In my experience, most people who don't like sushi have never tried it.

Some will say it's a "texture thing" they don't like, but when you have sushi made from fish fresh off the boat the same day, it's tasty, tender, and so delicious.

Many people work their way up to eel or fish roe by starting with the veggie roll, and that's ok.  You have to start somewhere.  Rolls are a good beginning, but once you savor super fresh sashimi tuna, you can't go back to just rolls.

Oh, what's sashimi?  It's fresh, raw fish or meat, sliced very thin and served with sauces, usually soy sauce. Yes, I said raw.  It melts in your mouth like butter if it's fresh.

taylor grote via unsplash.com
taylor grote via unsplash.com

That's why it's so important to go to a well-tested, highly rated sushi restaurant.

Some of the best sushi bars can be hole in the wall places, or they can be establishments that serve other types of Asian fare besides Japanese Sushi, like Korean or Thai, or Japanese Hibachi (cooked on grill at table), or Teppanyaki (cooked on a metal plate).

My love for sushi led me to take a poll on Facebook on what your favorite sushi restaurants are in New Hampshire.  Have a look at what I found.

Mai Tai's and Scorpion Bowls are optional.

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11 Best Sushi Restaurants in New Hampshire

Fresh seafood in New England brings the best sushi restaurants. Here are the favs voted by you.

Gallery Credit: Ginny Rogers


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