A friend of mine from Redondo Union High School in California, recently found a letter written by a classmate to us - hysterical and wicked sweet. 


I graduated in 1983 as a Seahawk from RUHS in Redondo Beach, California.

Demi Moore went to high school here (she transferred when she was a sophomore...whatever)


Anyway, I went to RUHS only as a senior and my family moved back to Idaho the day after I graduated. Long story...

So of course, in high school things are just a tad dramatic, and I was moving away from all the new bestest friends I had made - including Carrie. My friend Renee found this letter she wrote to us in 1983. Right before the last play of the season (yes...I was a drama geek).



So cute..but wait...there's more...



I think my favorite part (besides the sweet sentiment) is the very last line, with a picture of a bush:

Bush get it! He's some polition.


Gotta love Carrie...not much of a speller.

I wish I could remember why I was famous for...

I've got too burp! Let's go in the kitchen!


This letter is 34 years old. Yup. 7 years older than Kylie...sigh.