About 3 weeks ago Bryce (11) and Riley (9) had bottles and cans stolen from their collection for Cans for a Cure. They caught two people Wednesday.

Cumberland County Sherrif's Office

23-year-old Matthew Colby, from Parsonsfield, and 29-year-old Christin Parmenter, from Newfield were charged Wednesday for stealing about half the bottles the kids and community had been collecting for months!

Colby was charged with a misdemeanor but Parmenter is looking at a felony charge thanks to other convictions.

Bryce and Riley Deshaies have been helping Cans for a Cure for going on 9 years! They have rallied their community and collected tens of thousands of dollars worth of returnables to help those fighting breast cancer.

They were simply devastated when their mom Katie broke the news to them.


However, because people are amazing (the good ones) we have almost replaced all those bottles and cans that were stolen.

Still, it's nice to see people responsible for that theft paying for it. Police say that others may have been involved and they are still investigating.