Since the COVID pandemic began back in March, Maine, for the most part, has been in its own bubble as the states in Northern New England have done their part in making sure that lockdown to put in place properly and social distancing was vital along with mask mandates. However, where there's a will, there's a way as the virus seems to find itself into places that we try not to think it is. A month and a half ago, an outbreak after a wedding has left seven people unrelated to the gathering dead. Now Oxford County joins York County by going from green to yellow.

According to the state CDC, most of the new outbreaks are in the Sanford Springville area, but they cannot trace it to a single point. This also comes as Massachusetts people are now allowed to enter Maine's state without quarantine for 14 days. Creating mixed feelings amongst Mainers as out of all the states in New England, Massachusetts (only beating out Rhode Island) had the most cases plus the largest city in the region Boston, which encompasses 28% of the region's population. Clearly, with those things known, Mainers are on edge; however, when in code yellow, there are guidelines that are taking place to help flatten the curve.

According to news channel 8, "Yellow means schools should adopt a hybrid method of in-person and remote learning." Usually, counties got into yellow when there is evidence of community spread, and there are 1-9 daily new cases per 100,000 citizens. Social Distance Properly and wear a mask.

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