Not So "Off" Season

For the city of Portland, this time of year looks a lot different than it will 6 months from now. Tourists will be lining the well as taking up parking spots. Restaurants will have a wait, shops will be filled with people looking for that perfect item to bring home to remind them of their time in Maine.

Well, Portland Downtown has a way to get locals out and about rediscovering our city during a season where it could use a little extra love.

Introducing, 207 Day fittingly on February 7th, complete with a 207 Day Scavenger Hunt that will kick off this Friday, February 5th, and wrap up at 11:59pm on Monday, February 7th.

207 Day Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt promises to take participants all through downtown Portland. The event is being put on by Portland Downtown and their goal is to get folks out all weekend celebrating what makes Portland, Portland.

The to-be-released scavenger hunt list will have a ton of things to do downtown, out to the Eastern Promenade, and more!

To participate you have to register on the website here.

As you complete tasks you will need to either submit a photo or scan the QR code associated with the location.

There will be a ton of prizes drawn from participants including local gift cards and locally-crafted items. Whoever completes the most tasks will win the Portland Explorer prize.

To read the full details and sign-up solo, with your family, or a group of besties, click here!

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