Dry January. You're seeing it everywhere on Instagram, Facebook, and whatever other social media platform you aimlessly scroll through before bedtime. I myself am participating in dry January, so I appreciate a bar or restaurant that is thoughtful enough to provide a creative mocktail menu.

Here are a few go-to places in Portland, Maine, with bartenders thoughtful enough to go out of their way to create and provide alcohol-free cocktail menus.

Every year during dry January, I can always count on a bar called Arcadia. This cute little game-themed bar consistently puts out not only unique cocktail options, but also unique cocktail options as well. Plus, you can go play Pinball in-between drinks, and I'm not sure how you beat that on date night.

I also can count on a cute little taco bar in my neighborhood called Bird & Co. to always provide creative non-alcoholic drinks. The staff here is super sweet too; they don't judge you for not ordering one of their signature craft margaritas.

This third bar with a great mocktail menu is one I just discovered the other day while on a little adventure in the Old Port. It's called Petite Jacqueline, and while they have fancy wines for you to choose from on date night, they also have passionate bartenders who don't mind making you a fancy, nonalcoholic drink.

On an end note, if you're participating in dry January for whatever reason you feel you want to, I commend you. You can do this. From personal experience, I can promise you it will clear your mind more than you'll realize it's capable of. Hang in there, I'm rooting for you!

Dry January fun activities

Dry January

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