These boys caught a 700 pound tuna in a boat named Fat 2na.

It was Auburn's 17-year-old Wyatt Morse's boat that the three friends went fishing in. Wyatt has spent the past 4 years learning about fishing for tuna off the Maine coast. He's a good student!

The Bangor Daily News reports that on July 1, Wyatt and his friends 16-year-old Martin Scanlan from Colorado and 16-year-old Griffin Buckwalter, from Scarborough, headed about 30 miles off the coast and spent the whole day battling the giant fish!

This fish was huge! 109 inches from it's nose to it's tail and the fish was so strong, according to the newspaper, it pulled the boys more than 10 miles in their 24-foot lobster boat as they tried to tire it out. And it was all caught on tape.

That's why Griffin came, to record anything that happened - who knew it was gonna be the catch of a lifetime!


This was a crazy trip and the first for the Fat 2na. Wyatt told the Bangor Daily News,

It was the most hectic and crazy fish I’ve ever caught. It was insane.


They knew the fish was big, but they were most afraid of loosing it. They were trying to reel in a 700 pound fish with a fishing line that was 150-pound test, the newspaper reported, and somehow they held onto it and with the help of Martin's dad, they got the tuna back to Portland.

Big bluefin tunas can sell for big bucks and the boys were excited at the possibility. Back in January a bluefin tuna set a record and was sold for over 30 dollars a pound for 1.8 million in Japan, according to the BDN.

But that was before COVID, and the boys made about 2,000 dollars, the newspaper reported. But the experience was priceless.



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