Man oh mannnn is it going to be one beast of a Friday down in Boston this weekend for the Celtics championship parade. First of all, where are my manners? GO CELTICS!!!! NBA world champs on the check-in. Okay, back to it. As a former Boston native, since going to college in the city, I can't help but think about all the things I'd avoid if I was a first-timer. Since many people told me they're heading down to Boston for the parade for the first time, I figured I'd share some personal knowledge with you if you too are a Boston parade virgin.

Let's start with where the parade is going to begin. According to Sports Illustrated, it starts in front of TD Garden, going past City Hall Plaza & the Boston Common on Tremont Street, then ending on Boylston Street near the Hynes Convention Center. Now, If you've ever been to any of these locations, then you already know that they're some of the busiest streets on a regular day. I can't even begin to imagine what they'll be like on the day we celebrate the Celtics making history as the NBA world champs.

All of that being said, here are three things I'd suggest you avoid doing if you're taking on the adventure that is Boston on a Friday for the first time.

1. Do not try to drive your car anywhere near TD Garden. You may get in, but you'll have one hell of a time trying to get out.

My Suggestion: Park on the outskirts of the city and take the T or an Uber in. The Orange Line goes directly to the garden, and while I'm sure it'll be packed as hell, it'll at least be fun to be around people dressed in green and ready to celebrate the same thing as you. Try parking in Medford, Somerville, or even Revere.

2. Do not bring a large, over-the-shoulder bag. I can promise you, you're going to be packed into streets and bars like you've never been before. You're running the risk of people knocking your bag off without you noticing, or worse, stealing it.

My suggestion: Bring a fanny pack. Rock a damn fanny pack and keep your hands free to party. Throwback fits are in now anyways.

3. Avoid taking routes you've never traveled before, thinking you can cheat the crowd. You will get lost, and there will be so many people using cell service in the city that you'll have a hard time trying to connect to a map server.

My suggestion: Buddy system. Make a plan, create a route, and stick to it. Always check in on your buddy, as Boston can be a wild place to navigate alone.

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