This story is very "moo-ving" and I am excited to share it with you. Cows are important. According to Beef Magazine, 

..cattle play an irreplaceable role in maintaining top soil, promoting biodiversity, protecting wildlife habitat, reducing the spread of wildfires, providing natural fertilizer and so much more. Plus, cattle utilize land that would otherwise remain unproductive for humans.

So we need them and they need us. Plus, they're cute. Well, I think they are.

These cows were certainly not "amoosed."

The steaks were very high and the farmer had to find a way to seize the mooment.

Okay, I am done with the puns. Back to the story.

Lomig via Unsplash
Lomig via Unsplash

As you all know, it has been extremely hot lately, we've had a massive heat wave and not only have we been effected but the animals have been effected too.

According to Bangor Daily news, 300 cows were hit by this heat and became extremely thirsty.

They were so thirsty because the farm's well went dry. This situation could've been extremely dyer. The dairy farmer reached out for help and certainly needed it because it at 90 degrees and climbing, those cows needed some relief! The response that the farmer got was amazing!

The cows were very lucky because they had heroes. Auburn Firefighters' came to the rescue!

The firefighters arrived at the farm and put water in one of their tanks to keep the cows hydrated all weekend long. The cows must've been udderly refreshed after finally quenching their thirst!

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