Now that we've surpassed 40 degrees and skyrocketed right to 90, you're sure to open your feed to 4 basic posts that everyone is snapping throughout Maine. You can practically tell the progression of a Mainer's day through these commonly shared photos.

First, we wake up and are thrilled to see:

Spring Blossoms!

Going about our day, we may have work, errands to run, friends to meet up with, but we'll all come together again around lunch to post about our beloved:

Lobster Rolls!

After lunch, we'll finish up our commitments for the day and grab a cold one to relax. But wait, now it's warm enough to...

Drink Outside!

As we wrap up our happy hours and come up with captions for our posts of the most wonderfully basic spring day, we snap a final pic of...

The Sunset on the Water

Ain't she a beaut, our Maine? And now it's warm enough to really drink her in.

Cheers to spring, everyone!




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