This weekend I spent a few hours in Sabattus, meeting the team who runs Sabattus Disc Golf and learning the ins and outs of the sport to spread the word about the upcoming events next weekend, September 2nd. The Sexton Shootout and Champs Vs. Chumps. The Sexton Shootout is open to anyone and narrated by the series' namesake, Nate Sexton.

Sexton is known for his accomplishments on and off the disc course and is sure to bring his biting commentary, occasional sarcasm, and expert skills to Sabattus next weekend. Following the serious competition in the morning, Champs Vs. Chumps will be a more entertaining spectacle, pitting world-ranked players against random amateurs who rotate every hole. Needless to say, Sexton will have a lot to comment on.

As someone who went into last weekend knowing nothing about disc golf, here's the highlight reel of things I learned so you can show up to SDG and make less of a fool of yourself than I did. Then again, who are you trying to impress? We're all here to have fun. Refer to the video below...

1) The rules of disc golf is exactly like ball golf. Same 18-hole course idea and par 3-4-5 system, but with rubbery plastic sharp-edged discs and funny-looking chain baskets.

2) Discs differ from each other based on what you're trying to accomplish. Just like golf clubs, there's a driver that goes farthest, a mid-range that gets you closer to the basket, and a putter that hopefully seals the deal.

3) The motivating factors are rather compelling. As far as I learned, people are there to be outside, drink a cold beverage while wandering through the woods, and make fun of each other while improving their game. Doesn't sound half bad, from someone who has never played a round of non-miniature golf.

4) It's not that intimidating. Disc players seem to appreciate the relative obscurity of your sport and jump at the chance to introduce you to the game, like foreigners helping you to speak their language. Everyone brought me in with open arms, provided me with a starter set of discs and a patient, non-mocking (though there was much to mock) introductory lesson on the beginner course. Rental and one round on that course is free for anyone visiting SDG for the first time, so you truly have nothing to lose if you just want to give it a try.

5) Goats. They have goats. Four, to be exact, who roam around the grounds and come running to your call (especially if it's approaching meal time). If you're morally opposed to playing games, touching plastic, or aiming for baskets, you can at least go for the goats.

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