It's day fourteen of our social distancing, and we are all starting to contemplate the meaning of life.

What will life be like after this, who am I really, am I doing the right things, etc.

The one thing I can say I have thought about in all of these are things I will no longer take for granted.

  1. Hugs, I will no longer hug people I don't like, and I will embrace the people I do have a love for even longer and with more passion. 
  2. I will no longer take seeing my family for granted; I will see them as much as I can until it is no longer possible.
  3. I will never underestimate the power of holding hands with someone I genuinely care about. 
  4. Telling my person, "I love you," face to face.
  5. Sharing a meal with my friends in a nice restaurant while laughing and telling jokes.

I hope that when we get out of this, we all make better choices and appreciate what we do have.

There is a long road ahead. Let's focus on being better when we come out.

What will you no longer take for granted?

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