Remember computers in the 90s? Floppy disk drives, hard drives that held less data than your smart phone and dial-up internet. How did we survive? 20 years later the tech is totally outdated, but there were 5 things that we absolutely loved about our computers in the 90s.


1. Playing Solitaire

It's a game you'd rarely ever play with an actual deck of cards, but the game on Windows was addicting, because let's face it. All we really wanted to do is win just so we could watch the cards bounce all over the screen at the end.


2. Paint in Windows 3.1

Only people with real talent could draw things with Microsoft Paint Brush on Windows 3.1, but that didn't stop us from trying. The best we could usually do is write the word "Hi!" in three different colors.


3. Myst

We never imagined we could get lost in a world on a computer until the puzzle game Myst came along. It was unlike anything we had ever seen before and when you opened those books in the library, you saw a real person on the screen actually talking to you. Amazing!


4. AOL Chat Rooms

Before people had high-speed internet, a lot of people got online through AOL and many would find their way into online chat rooms. Admit it. You made friends with a lot of people who you never met in person. Some even got addicted.


5. Minesweeper

When you got tired of solitaire, you'd give Minesweeper a try. That is if you could ever figure out how to play the damn thing. Oh I uncovered a 4! That's good, right?


What else did you love about computers in the 90s? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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