We've got plenty of Mainers who have made their mark on television and film, but we can't forget our very own reality stars taking over some of the best reality shows on television. We've seen Mainers search for the man of their dreams, have their internet identity stolen, and survive on secluded island beaches, all for our own personal enjoyment.

These five Mainers appeared on big reality television shows and made all of us watching at home super proud.

Zac Miller on Catfish

MTV Catfish shines a spotlight on the wild, wild web and the relationships formed behind computer screens. Zac Miller of Bristol, Maine, was the face of a "Catfish". For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, that means Zac Miller's photos were used by someone else on the internet to create a false identity. Zac Miller appeared on Catfish via video chat.

Bob Crowley on Survivor

Science! Bob Crowley, a physics teacher at Gorham High School,Β made us all proud to be Mainers when he walked away with the grand prize on Survivor: Gabon. You can have your own Survivor-esque experience with Bob Crowley at his new adventure, Maine Forest Yurts.

Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette

She proved that you really can find love on a reality TV show. Ashley Hebert of Madawaska, Maine weeded through all the duds to find her Prince Charming on the Bachelorette. She married (and is still married to) J.P. Rosenbaum after dating 25 guys on the super popular reality dating show.

Dan Foley on Survivor

How could we leave Dan Foley off the list? He's known for his slightly offensive t-shirts and causing quite the stir on Survivor: Worlds Apart.

Facebook via Dan Danimal Foley

Ashley Underwood on Survivor

Yes, a third Mainer made her mark on the popular reality show. Ashley Underwood is originally from Benton, Maine and she competed to the final rounds of Survivor: Redemption Island.

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