April Fool's Day in the 21st century is best played out on social media, because with so many people saying "fake news," you never know what's real or fake.

Here are 5 Maine April Fool's Day Hoaxes we loved that remind us not to believe everything we read on the internet.

If you follow Stephen King at all on social media, you know he does not keep his political views to himself, so it wouldn't surprise anyone if he started a campaign for Governor of Maine. In fact many people have pushed for King to run for office, so this seemed like it could be legit. Supporters of King were a bit disappointed when the video of King on the campaign website broke the bad news in a classic Rick Roll.

Don't call it a barcade. That's a registered trademark. Arcadia National Bar is a bar with an arcade and gamers love it so much they are in the process of a big expansion and plan to re-open in May. That's the perfect way to put panic into Arcadia fans by announcing they are ditching the games in favor of a sports bar, because there just aren't enough sports bars in Portland.


SPüN Bakery in Yarmouth announced on their website they would be adding crickets to their baked goods. If that wasn't enough of a hint that it was a hoax, check out this quote from Chief Baking Office Don Gaile.

"To further focus on local and natural resources, SPüN will be partnering with a local Maine cricket farm right in Yarmouth. "We think Don and his amazing baked goods will only improve with our delicious and nutritious cricket protein powder. It's real win-win!", chirps Ben Solo, Yarmouth Cricket Farms President.

Yarmouth cricket farm? Ben Solo, Kylo Ren from the new Star Wars movies? Nice.

Portland is home to a gazillion locally owned restaurants, so when Novare Res Bier Cafe posted they were being bought by Applebee's, we're pretty sure most people saw right through this hoax. The term 'chain restaurant' makes a lot of Portlanders cringe, so it was enough to give us a laugh. Still though, $1 Long Island Iced Tea? That's hard to pass up.

A 3.5 Billion dollar grant from a company called InGen sounds like amazing news for the Maine College of Art until you realize that InGen is the company that cloned dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and we all know how well that worked out.

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