Let me just say it right out of the gate, I hate April Fools' day pranks. Done properly they can be funny, but done wrong they can just be mean and disappointing.

With the advent of social media, April Fools' pranks can spread far and wide. My Facebook feed was crammed full of them on April 1 leading people to actually question what they read online. Go figure huh?

It's when you try to pull off an April Fools' prank by telling people something that they get excited for and then let them down when they find out that it's not true that I think the prank just gets down right mean. At this point the prank is only funny for everyone but the people who believed you. They are left feeling like the fool for having false hopes while everyone laughs at the them for believing it. I don't understand why that's funny.

You may be saying I have no sense of humor, but I fell for some big lies today on Facebook that I was really disappointed in learning were an April Fools' joke. I felt stupid for thinking it was real and when people pointed out to me why I should have know I felt even dumber, so yeah, I guess I don't have that kind of sense of humor.

Maybe instead of deceiving people on April Fools' Day, we try to come up with things that everyone can share the laugh or the moment. The unexpected can be both funny or fantastic, like the year The Price is Right  started the show by announcing host Drew Carey, but instead, former host Bob Barker came out through the doors.

I was unexpected and everyone was thrilled to see Bob back to host a pricing game.

Maybe we'd all be better off finding better ways to prank people on April Fools' day because no one likes being left out of the joke.


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