We had a really good one we were gonna trick you guys with, but alas...we were told to shut it down. Wanna see how we almost gotcha?

We were going to do a news story about a new 'Pet Tax':

State Representative Ben Holz introduced legislations that passed late last week to add what essentially is a pet tax. Much like the excise tax for your car, this 'pet tax' works the same way. Starting with the base tax of 110.00, you pay less the older your pet is. There are discounts for multiple pets. The tax is for any domestic animal living in or near your residence. So, if you have a rabbit in a pen, that counts, but if you have chickens for eggs - you don't have to pay a tax. The new 'Pet Tax' starts May first and is complicated. Details of the new bill at WJBQ.com.

Tee hee hee.

Then, during the show, because we are so outraged at this new bill, we were going hunt down the State Rep Ben Holz and interview him. We were so lucky to get him!



Tee hee hee.


Then we ask you to go to the website, WJBQ.com,  for all the details. And that's when we let you off the hook.


There ya go. The April Fool's joke that never made it on the radio...

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