Did you know that a lot of families in Guatemala live and make their living at the huge city dump? Safe Passage wants to change the lives of the kids there by sending them to school. Deb Walters thought she'd kayak from Maine to Guatemala to raise money! She leaves Friday July 11th for the one year journey...

To learn about Safe Passage is to learn about Hanley Denning. A remarkable young woman who started this program after visiting Guatemala to learn Spanish...and she never left. Unfortunately, she was in a tragic car accident in Guatemala in 2007 and passed away - but her dream is still very much alive.

Deb Walters, inspired by Hanley and kids in Guatemala decided to step up her volunteering efforts after nine years with Safe Passage. When we spoke to Deb, we were amazed at her tenacity and determination. Is she scared? No more so then when she was knocked off her kayak by a Beluga whale in Florida! Yeah...that happened to her!

Please help Deb make her adventure count! She is hoping to raise enough money to add 3rd grade to the Safe Passage school in Guatemala!