Portland keeps making lists as a prime destination for foodies. Whatever you're in the mood for, Portland has an eatery to satisfy your tastebuds. New to the Portland food scene or crossing dishes off your culinary bucket list? These are 8 of the best dishes in Portland.

I've personally tried all of the dishes on this list and I can vouch for their superior deliciousness. Don't worry, I didn't just go off my own personal culinary adventures. These dishes appear on Yelp.com as some of the most frequently reviewed offerings at these Portland restaurants.

The list has it all -- amped up American cuisine at Nosh, Sicilian pizza from Slab, Asian cuisine from Pai Men Miyake, Empire Chinese Kitchen, Boda, and more. The question is:

What would you add to the list?

Thank you to Meredith Perdue of mapandmenu.com who provided the photo of Boda's fried brussels sprouts.


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