Just when you thought it was over, mother nature comes at us with another chance of snow.

This is the kind of news that just punches you in the gut if you're like me and you are tired of shoveling snow, driving in snow, walking in snow, doing anything in snow! Spring is here, it's time to move on! But no. April is known to still get its fair share of snow and that is a real possibility for Wednesday according to News Center Maine's Keith Carson.

He's got his eye on a coastal storm that could clip us and bring snow to Maine, especially for coastal areas. No details yet on snowfall potentials, timing or if I've got to drag the shovels and ice melt out of the basement, but when he says "substantial chance" I feel like I want to throw up.

Now let me just shut down all you people saying "If you don't like winter move!" Let me lay it on the line here for you. I've lived here in Maine for nearly half a century now. I loved winter as a kid, but adulting in winter is no fun for me.  It's not like I haven't tried to have fun in the winter. Snowshoeing was okay, but nothing I'd want to do regularly.

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But, why would I move when I like 75% or the seasons in Maine? Why would I move when I have family who live here? Why would I move when the summers in Maine are the best anywhere you can find.

If you love winter, great! I'm happy for you. Go put on your snow gear and enjoy it while I stay inside and play pinball. I'll be outside this summer enjoying every single second by the campfire, hanging out with my friends eating steak off the grill and having my fair share of adult beverages while getting my butt handed to me in games of cribbage. That my friends is the way life in Maine should be.

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