3Buoys Seafood Shanty & Grille at the base of Portland's Munjoy Hill has closed it's doors. Large "For Rent" signs have appeared on the windows of the nautically decorated property on Cumberland Avenue a few days ago. The owner of 3Buoys confirmed that they are now permanently closed via comment on a visitor post on their Facebook page. The owner did not offer an explanation for the closing.

Google Maps, Oct 2016

Yelp.com reviewers are super bummed to hear the news about 3Buoy's closing.

The best and (most economical) lobster rolls in town are here. And everyone that works here is super friendly. We come here once a week during the summer and will be bummed if the joint goes away.

- Matt C. Portland, ME

Reviews from past 3Buoy's customers raved about the overflowing lobster rolls and generous chunks of lobster meat in the stew. Many claimed this was their favorite place to dine in Portland.

By far the thickest lobster roll I have ever seen! The lobster roll was amazing. No frills, the lobster speaks for itself with a bit of mayonnaise and finished with butter. Get the large and share with someone!

- Cyril B. Bellerose, NY

The lobster roll was oh my goodness packed full of lobster... It seriously felt like 1.5 pounds worth of meat alone! Each bite was fresh with lobster meat, not overcooked and definitely didn't have fillers like celery. Just lobster lobster lobster! I'm drooling just thinking about this meal!

- Jessica U. Markham, Canada

One Yelp.com reviewer may have predicted the future.

They serve up one of the best Lobster Rolls in Portland, and some pretty amazing and outrageous burgers. And 3Buoy's doesn't skimp; you get a TON of food for a great price.  It makes me wonder how this place can afford to stay in business when they give out so much food for so little.

- Clint B. Normal, IL

Goodbye 3Buoys Seafood Shanty & Grille in Portland! We'll miss your legendary lobster rolls, friendly staff, and nautical theme. 

NOTE: According to the Google Business listing, the 3Buoys Seafood Shanty & Grille location in York, Maine appears open. However, phone calls made to this location did not go through.

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