When Vickie Chase went to the Windham Town Office this week, she snapped a picture of something she saw that really bothered her. A guardrail in the parking lot is covered with registration stickers.

It only takes a second to figure out what's going on here. When some Windham residents renew their vehicle registration and get the new year sticker to place on their license plate, rather than peel the old one off and find a trash can or just take it with them to dispose of at home, they're sticking it on this guardrail in the parking lot.

Vickie Chase
Vickie Chase

There must be two to three dozen stickers on the rail with a few on the ground as well. And apparently this has been going on for a long time as some of the stickers are from 2018, 2017 and even one as far back as 2012. Either people aren't renewing year to year or no one has bothered to clean this up.

They shouldn't have to. This is straight up littering and people should have the common decency to dispose of their expired sticker properly. Or just do what I do and put your sticker on top of the previous year. I went five years deep until I peeled them off my plate in one fell swoop.

Listen people. Don't be lazy. Just throw the old sticker in the trash so the Windham town office parking lot doesn't look a confetti cannon full of registration stickers went off. Thanks.

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