Let me start by first congratulating Coach Belichick on his 300th career win as a head coach.

Coach Belichick’s son Steve is currently in charge of the secondary for the New England Patriots and many believe he could one day take over for the coach who has brought 6 Championships to New England.

In his most recent interview after the Patriots dismantled the Cleveland Browns, Steve Belichick sounded like a carbon copy of Bill.

Maybe the talking was a little faster, but the mannerisms are there, they dress similar and I would be willing to bet you won’t catch Steve smiling much.

When he was asked “What’s it like having a dad that’s the greatest coach in NFL history?" Steve Belichick replied: "Uh, that’s your opinion."

In this clip however, Steve says he wants to be just like his dad and he is very proud of Bill's accomplishments.

It's almost scary to listen to this next clip. If you close your eyes you would swear you're listening to Bill.

This must be total nightmare fuel for the rest of the NFL. Knowing that it is completely possible that another Belichick could continue the Patriots Dynasty well into the next decade.

Next up for the Patriots is a Sunday night prime time game against the Ravens in Baltimore.

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