Another long time business in Portland is closing its doors for good.

Happy Wheels Skate Center will close In December after being one of the few roller skate rinks that has been around for decades.

Roller skating rinks had a surge of popularity in the 1970s, and Happy Wheels was there for it. After that popularity died down in the late 80s and early 90s, Happy Wheels still remained hosting birthday parties and skate nights while other roller rinks in Maine ended up shutting down.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Happy Wheels confirmed rumors that they were shutting down and announced they would close their doors for good on December 15.

As with so many long time businesses in Portland, the owners have sold to developers.

More details will be released about Happy Wheels' last session, but if you want to get in one last skate, you only have a few weeks to do it.



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