Seven years after closing, the former Wok-Inn building at Morrils Corner has been leased to a Maine based medical cannabis company.

The Wok-Inn was a Portland landmark for 31 years until December 8, 2013, when owner Shukee Lee closed the fast food Chinese restaurant and retired.

Even if you never ate at the Wok-Inn, if you'd ever been to Portland, you saw the iconic sign topped with a flaming wok while waiting to get through traffic at busy Morrills Corner.

According to Maine Biz, a medical cannabis dispensary company named Sweet Dirt signed a lease for the former Wok-Inn building in September.

They won't be able to use the entire building, however, because marijuana dispensaries are limited to a size of 2000 square feet, Maine Biz states. The old Wok-Inn building is almost 5000 square feet, so they will likely lease out the part of the building they can't use for the dispensary.

No word yet on when the new dispensary will open.

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