I had to go to the Mall for a very specific task. Then I got sidetracked in the CRAZIEST way...


There I was walking with purpose. No one is stopping me! Then a lady at one of the million of kiosks in the middle looked at me like she knew me. I didn't want to be rude, in case it was a listener, so I veered toward her.

She handed me a sample of something...


I never, ever, ever stop at these places. Here I find myself now chatting with 'Sarah'. She said she liked my hair. She called it 'organized chaos'. Okay...can't argue with that.

Then she mentioned to me my wrinkles around my eyes. And I was like, 'Wha?' (although I definitely have wrinkles around my eyes!).

She's chatting with me and I'm laughing because I can't believe I have now stopped and am letting this woman talk about my wrinkles. Then she says that I'm definitely married because of my furrowed brow!

Meanwhile she squirts a little something onto her hand and dabs her finger in it and starts coming at me. I say, 'You're not gonna put that on me are you?', to which she replies, 'Yes.'

I told her I didn't want her to and that it would ruin my make up. She said, 'No it won't' and starts putting this stuff on my wrinkly eye. I tell her it feels like Ben Gay. She keeps spreading. She then tells me to look in the mirror.

I'M HORRIFIED. My skin is all weird and super wrinkly and even a little puffy around my eye! I tell her I look worse and she says, 'No you don't.' Then she takes a cotton ball with something on it and dabs away at my eye. I can definitely feel something now and i say, 'Well, thanks Sarah..I gotta go.'


As I'm walking to where I need to go, I take my phone out to look at my eye to make sure I don't look like some freak. It looks okay. But man - I can feel my skin TIGHTENING..or something.

I get my stuff,  leave the mall and look at my eye again in my visor mirror.


I'm not kidding. It's less wrinkly...so I try to look up this miracle company from the card she gave me.


I can't find a thing about this place. I call the number. No answer, no message.

Mmmmmm...Supreme is an actual product...but I have no idea if the sample she gave me is what she put on my eye. Plus, that Ben Gay feeling can't be good for you. Although, she said it was.

Anyway..I think I'll stick to my usual practice of not stopping at these kiosks...


SIDENOTE: That tightening feeling lasted for a good 5 hours.

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