You might think this is Spaghettios...this is WAY more ridiculous than Spaghettios.


I grew up on Spaghettios. Loved them! It was like a treat when we got to eat a can of those delicious round pastas smothered in some sort of tomato sauce. We had to be really good to get the ones with meatballs or hot dogs!

But this? Well, this stopped me in my tracks! After I stopped laughing, I took a picture.


Ladies and gentlemen...I introduce to you



I only have one thing to say...Why? Why, why, why, why, why, why, why?! What on God's great earth would we possibly need ORGANIC Spaghettios for? And yes, I did try them and yes, they were amazing...but still..this one is a head scratcher for sure!

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