For many years, the Top of the East at the Eastland Park Hotel was the place to go for a nightcap. Whether it be tourists visiting Portland for a weekend or bands that just wrapped up their set at the State Theater, people flocked to the top of the iconic downtown hotel for a drink and the views. According to MaineBiz, if a new plan is approved, the views from the rooftop are set to get a whole lot sweeter.

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That's because the Westin wants to expand the Top of the East by more than 2,200 square feet making it unquestionably Portland's largest rooftop establishment. When the Eastland Park Hotel was rebranded in 2013 to become the Westin Portland Harborview, the Top of the East was renovated to nearly double in size. Sure, the views were stunning and nearly unmatched, but there was still something missing. Access to the outside.

And that's exactly what the Westin wants to change with their latest plan. The expansion would include a massive 1,200 square-foot deck and a 900 square-foot patio on opposite sides of the existing indoor bar. Both new structures would be fitted with wood-burning fireplaces, plush seating and expansive guardrails. The expansion would allow the Westin to increase the total capacity of the Top of the East by more than 100 people.

If approved, this major rooftop expansion likely wouldn't open until late 2021 or 2022.

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