Ever since we've had the ability to use our phones to instantly take pictures and video and upload it to social media, we have an ability to document our lives like we've never had before.

I have every single picture and video I've ever taken with a phone stored on the cloud and accessible just about anywhere. Over 10,000 files over 15 years are there and take up a quarter of a terabyte of storage space.

I've documented so many things in those 15 years, including the growth of my son Jake. All the photos I have of me through my first 15 years fit in one photo album. If printed, Jake's would fill hundreds.

I thought it would be fun to share 15 photos I have, one photo a year from 2006 to 2020. I've changed a lot, my kid has grown a lot and I've done a lot over those years. Some photos are of me and people in my life but others are just photos I took of things I found interesting.

So let's start in 2006 and work our way up to today.


A Look at the Last 15 Years of My Life With One Photo Per Year

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