According to Moody's Investment Services, Maine is one of the only states close to normal after the March shutdown during the pandemic.

If you remember in March, all life changed when the coronavirus caused the NBA to cancel the rest of the season, and Tom Hanks tweeted that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Within weeks following, people were laid off, some lost jobs, and then businesses started to close within months following. As COVID numbers began to rise across the country, Maine pretty much had a steady flow of low numbers for positive cases, as most people followed the rules.

Going back into the cold season of the year, Maine's economy has recovered to 93% of what it was before the pandemic initially hit, according to the article.

Maine CDC
Maine CDC

"We can't have a healthy economy if we don't have healthy people," Governor Janet Mills said in a WGME CBS 13 article."The first priority we have is the protecting the health and safety of Maine people. That, in turn, will translate into increasing our economic recovery efforts."

The governor also went on to say the state's economy is in better shape than most of our counterparts in the rest of the country, according to WGME

Congratulations, Mainers, we've done well at keeping this outbreak under control and working on getting Maine back to work.

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