Dear people who are ready to go back into the world with no safety net, I get it. Like I totally get it. For eight weeks, I have been either working from home or in the office with very few people around and seeing messages lose translation via email or text. Listening to people on the other end of conference calls get frustrated and lose their cool. Not being able to see your family and even touch another human being, worrying about losing your job and unemployment. Wondering when your stimulus check is going to get here, watching your co-workers get furloughed and wondering, "how was I picked to stay and not James?" Yep, I understand why people who own businesses want to open up to feed their families, make their dreams possible, and waiting longer does not mean your bills will be on hiatus.

I am not here to judge whether people feel the country should be opened for business or not; I am just acknowledging that we are all going through these emotions and everyone's expression of them is different. I guess what I am asking is, can we all have just a little bit of Empathy? Just at least a little bit will go a long way.


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