The Maine Mall

Growing up, a trip to The Maine Mall was a big day out. I grew up near Pownal, so a trip to South Portland was an event. Before we made the trek, we’d make a list of everything we could possibly need in the area and places to visit since we probably wouldn’t be back again soon after.

Waiting in the long line at Panda Express was obviously a must and so was visiting the most magical place that ever existed to me as a young girl.

The Disney Store in The Maine Mall

Do you remember the Disney store that was in the mall? The entrance had giant red Mickey Mouse ears as the doorway into the magical space. As a young girl, that store was my safe haven and one of my favorite places to visit.

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seriously would give me butterflies walking into that store. My stomach would flip and flop with excitement and awe at the magic and colors and characters surrounding me. It was a little slice of Magic Kingdom right in Portland, Maine.

Growing up, I was obsessed with Disney Princesses and had posters and toys and princess-themed everything in my room. My mom even painted my bedroom walls based on different princess dresses. I also had a little TV near my bed that only played VHS tapes and I would watch a Disney movie to fall asleep every night.

My favorite Christmas present I ever received was a doll house my dad built me using real materials from Home Depot. I loved that thing with my whole heart and would get all my dolls and accessories at the Disney store. My absolute favorite memory of The Maine Mall was picking out my dolls for that house.

Thinking of that store hits me with the type of nostalgia that feels kind of funny. It’s a happy memory but one I wish I could go back to and experience all over again.

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